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Holding on to all that's left

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Take me somewhere I’ve never been before. Take me to where the ocean meets the sky. Take me to the highest mountaintop and the deepest cavern. Get lost with me in the thickest rainforest. Walk with me along a never-ending path. Stay with me while I.sleep under a blanket of stars.

Just be with me.

Take me away from this. I can’t do it anymore.


Silk (2007)

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"When you look for a man- what you want to look for is a man with the heart of a poor boy and the mind of a conqueror."

- C. JoyBell C. (via observando)

Guysssss I finally got a pair of Chacos!!!

"If we are not careful, we end up asking what life tasted like"

-    - Jonathan Carroll (via browndresswithwhitedots)

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